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Deer hunting enforcement



Bismarck, North Dakota – In North Dakota, the deer gun season is now open. While all restrictions are expected to be followed by hunters, Mike Anderson informs us of the enforcement program in place.

In the next weeks, thousands of hunters will take to the fields in North Dakota for the deer gun season. Scott Winkelman, the chief game warden, claims that his wardens are used to the kinds of breaches they are expected to see.

“Some of the more common violations that we see every year are tagging violations, driving off-trail with a motor vehicle, and also having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle while hunting,” said NDGF chief of enforcement Scott Winkelman.

As soon as you gain control of your deer, according to Winkelman, you must tag it. Wearing orange apparel while deer hunting is another rule.

“It must be a minimum of 400 square inches of solid blaze orange plus a hat. We don’t want to have any accidents and we really encourage people to follow that law,” said Winkelman.

There are things you can do if you harvest a deer on land where you have a legal right to do so and the animal winds up on posted land.

“They do have the right to go retrieve that animal without a weapon. Always encourage you to reach out to the landowner and let them know what you would be doing out there, so they’re not surprised,” said Winkelman.

Driving off-trail while deer season is in effect is subject to rules.

“During the deer hunting, season hunters cannot drive off of an established trail unless they are driving out to retrieve a legally harvested and tagged animal. Section lines in the state are open to public travel, but not to hunting. So if the land is posted on either side, the section line is considered posted as well,” said Winkelman.

Follow these instructions and never approach the offender if you see someone breaking the game and fish regulations.

“Try and collect as much information as possible and call the report all poachers line at 701-328-9921,” said Winkelman.

During deer season, Winkelman advises being aware of farmers and ranchers working in the fields.

Enjoy the deer season with your loved ones and friends, but always make sure to get home safely.