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Dakota College hosts water festival educational events at Bottineau



Bottineau, North Dakota – Students at Dakota College of Bottineau were given some information and lessons about water by volunteers from the North Central Education Cooperative on Thursday. Water permeates many facets of our life, and these teachings were presented to the students.

Your News Leader went to the university to get additional information.

The yearly water festival attracted a large number of students in the fifth and sixth grades.

The most current lesson plans that Crystal LaFountain, who teaches fifth grade, has developed include topics such as the water cycle, contamination, and pollution.

“It definitely helps out, and I love the hands-on activity that they’re going to do today,” said LaFountain.

In this course, students take on the role of environmental chemists by conducting tests to identify toxins in groundwater. They are drilling with the straw they are using.

A little better understanding of a watershed was gained by Avery Santjer as a result of participating in the activities.

“We get to actually have a visual and in the classroom you just talk about it. You see it in a book,” said Santjer.

According to Angie Bartholomay, a science professor at DCB, the most effective method of learning is by doing.

Students worked on paintings while a teacher gave a presentation on different fish habitats.

They dove into the reefs that were located within the dome.

Even though they lacked the necessary experience, these younger chemists still investigated the substance’s behavior. A decade ago, Bartholomay was the one who introduced the program to the school.

“This year is our biggest year with 460 students registered,” said Bartholomay.

They have approximately 30 volunteers total, the most of them are kids in high school and college.

The North Dakota Water Commission is the organization that hosts and sponsors these water tours, which take place in several counties around the state during the course of the academic year.