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Covid-19 vaccines offer protection for at least 6 months, study shows



After more than a year with Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine manufacturers are still competing which vaccine offers longer protection.

Pfizer & BioNTech officials released a statement on Wednesday where they claim their vaccine offers strong protection for at least six months after the second dose, but it start to wane slowly over time.

After their statement, health authorities from the U.S. said they will think before deciding when and if vaccine doses booster might be needed. Pfizer & BioNTech official say they’ll seek boosters approval from the FDA.

A study where 44,000 people were included showed that vaccines offer 98% efficacy against severe Covid-19 in the first two months and it starts to drop in the following months. By the 6th month, the efficacy dropped to 84%. The study shows that vaccines are highly effective in the first few months after immunization. The companies are still tracking the study participants.

The research does not show how vaccines work against the delta variant, which is considered highly contagious. The results will be posted online but they had not been subject to a full scientific review yet.