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Commander of USS North Dakota greets lawmakers in Bismarck



Bismarck, North Dakota – The USS North Dakota commander met with legislators on Monday in Bismarck.

As he delivered speeches to the House and Senate chambers, Commander Edmonson and his wife traveled to the state.

An assault submarine with nuclear propulsion called the North Dakota has just returned from a seven-month deployment that spanned the fall and included visits in Europe. According to Commander Robert Edmonson, the crew received care packages with letters and supplies from North Dakota during that mission.

As Commander Edmonson delivered speeches to the House and Senate on Monday afternoon, he traveled to the state with his wife.

“Then we’ll also get Dots, pretzels, and jerkies been sent out and things like that,” explained Edmonson. “The crew loves just to feel like they’re special enough for someone to send something out to them. And it makes it feel more like a family than just a place of work,”

The North Dakota can carry a crew of about 175 sailors on a mission.

According to Commander Edmonson, the submarine will be berthed in Baltimore the following month to hire fresh recruits from the Naval Academy.