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City commissioners approved sale of old health building



Fargo, North Dakota – The sale of the health facility in downtown Fargo has been approved by the city commissioners.

The property of the city, which has been empty for over a year, is an excellent location for redevelopment, according to Strategic Planning Director Jim Gilmour.

Developers will have 60 days to submit an offer.

The facility may be used for the same purpose or destroyed for future construction on the location. The facility has already attracted the attention of many organizations.

As being a part of the group that expressed interest of purchasing the building and in order to avoid conflict of interest, the City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn recused himself.

Mayor Tim Mahoney said the city isn’t committed to sell the facility, but will take into consideration the offers.

Parts of the facility have lately been used by Fargo-Cass Public Health and the police department. The building was once the headquarters of NSP, which is now known as Xcel Energy.