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Chief of police in Fargo called the actions of the Memphis officers “abhorrent, horrifying, and horrible”



Fargo, North Dakota – Tyre Nichols, 29, was repeatedly struck by five Memphis police officers while they held him down and beat him with their fists, boots, and batons while he cried for his mother in a video that was released by authorities on Friday.

The violent scenes in the film show the police following after Nichols, beating him up, and then dumping him on the ground leaning up against a squad car while they fist-bump and celebrate their accomplishments.

Later, Nichols passed away from kidney failure and heart arrest.

Chief Dave Zibolski wrote the following in a letter that was put on the Fargo Police Department’s Facebook page on Friday night:

On January 7th in Memphis, Tennessee, Tyre Nicholas was involved in a traffic stop that ultimately resulted in the loss of his life due to the horrendous and criminal actions of several police officers who brutally assaulted him. The actions of these now former officers are abhorrent. While their conduct led to appropriate criminal charges, the impact of Tyre’s death will undoubtedly and understandably be felt across the entire country in the days, months and years ahead.
The Fargo Police Department mourns Tyre’s death and offers thoughts and prayers to his family, friends and the Memphis community. In addition to the obvious excessive force used during this incident, the failure of any of these officers to intervene and protect Tyre is unacceptable and conflicts with our department’s values, as well as that of the larger policing profession.
The heinous acts of these former officers should not define or diminish the good work of our dedicated #Fargo guardians, but we understand it can bring about uncertainty and a diminishment of trust. To that point, let us be abundantly clear—the values of The Fargo Police Department are proudly distinguished by accountability, respect and guardianship. These are not just words to us; they are our guiding principles every day, and on every one of our calls and interactions. We believe that all human life has value and deserves respect. We are committed to treating those we serve in a compassionate, courteous and dignified manner. Anything less will not be tolerated in Fargo. We are mindful that we are accountable to one another and—most importantly—the community we serve.
On behalf of the entire department, please know that we are dedicated to keeping our community and community members safe, and we thank you for your continued partnership and support.