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North Dakota

Chairman Fox seeks support in Legislative Assembly



New Town, North Dakota – Both the state and tribal countries are accountable to their respective populations in numerous ways.

Beginning with the 68th Legislative Assembly, tribe and state authorities emphasized the value of emphasizing their mutual support.

The meeting between the state of North Dakota and all of the tribes is expected to be one of the most productive ones yet, according to the meeting’s chairman, Mark Fox.

Given the new Hydrogen Hub’s planned location in Fort Berthold, he anticipates greater cooperation between the energy and agricultural industries.

What else does he claim to be enthusiastic about?

Together, Chairman Fox, Governor Burgum, and the First Lady provided numerous resources for drug rehabilitation facilities across the state as well as for the future.

“Things can always be better. But I’m very happy with the relationship that our tribe has with the state government. And not just with the Governor, but with key leadership and members of the legislature. We’ve had a lot of setbacks, but we’ve had a lot of successes, and that working together has gotten better and better each time that we sit down. And I expect the same this round,” said Chairman Mark Fox.

The growth of E-Tab machines in the state, according to Chairman Fox, will have a negative long-term influence on reservations.

He expresses the expectation that during this legislative session, lawmakers will examine the state’s gambling laws in more detail.

On Friday, Chairman Fox will have more to say.