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North Dakota

Agriculture in the classroom sprouts in North Dakota



North Dakota – For kids, learning about where their food comes from makes academic subjects come alive. They gain an understanding of arithmetic, economics, social studies, and even science in a practical situation in addition to science.

The Ag in the Classroom program of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture teaches elementary school-aged kids about everything that agriculture has to offer our communities.

Our farms and ranches provide food for not only our state but also the rest of the nation and a number of other nations. The agency wants kids to become more aware of what’s happening in their own state through educational films and articles.

Doug Goehring, the North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner, says, “The North Dakota Department of Agriculture believes in the importance of agriculture literacy. Through this national Ag in the Classroom program, we partner with educators to provide K-12 with resources to inspire the next generation.”

The budget for the Agriculture Commissioner includes funding. It contains roughly $100,000 every two years to create and carry out K–12 education activities.