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You can find a lost pet using digital tools



Minot, North Dakota – In the summer, we all spend more time outside. It increases the likelihood of pet escapes and runaways.

According to studies, up to 10 million pets are lost annually.

To learn about preventative measures, Your News Leader spoke with Nextdoor and Guardians of Rescue.

We also discussed how to keep a pet safe with a local pet owner.

Few dogs are as excited and eager about new experiences as Auki.

Early training was vital for Sarah Byers.

Sarah claimed that after starting with the idea of healing, she swiftly switched to recollection.

She wished to impart to Auki the value of keeping near when in public.

When he does begin to stray, as soon as we call him or whistle for him, he returns to our sides right away because he understands that he must be there, according to Byers.

According to Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, animals will naturally flee when they feel anxious.

Misseri advised never yelling and rewarding your pet with treats if they return after running away.

Additionally, he advised conducting a safety audit of your property.

“Anything that will startle the dog the first time only needs to occur once. Be vigilant about the environment the dog is living in because that dog is no longer there and the numbers aren’t always on your side, advised Misseri.

Seventy-six percent of Nextdoor users own pets.

One in three American homes use Nextdoor, which is collaborating with Pawboost to speed up the recovery of lost pets.

On the app or the website, you can post an alert that your pet has been misplaced.

“Pawboost has integrations with both Nextdoor, Facebook, and some of the other social platforms out there that will allow you to share your alert to as many neighbors as possible,” said Caty Kobe, Head of Community at Nextdoor.

Planning beforehand is essential since every year on July 5th, there are reported nearly three times as many lost and found pets.

Every day, the public reports 1,500 pets as lost or found, according to Pawboost.

On Pawboost, you may read more than 1.5 million successful reunions of pets and post free alerts.