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Year-end crash statistics for ND show an increase in traffic deaths



Bismarck, North Dakota – According to Vision Zero’s year-end crash data, there was a regrettable rise in road fatalities in 2023 compared to 2022.

As of December 23, there were 107 road fatalities and 3,640 traffic injuries.

The primary contributing causes were alcohol consumption, lane changes, speeding, and seatbelt non-compliance.

The safety managers of Vision Zero assert that these kinds of occurrences may be avoided.

“Getting those seatbelts used, of course, impaired driving, distracted driving, those are things we tackle every single year. And those are things we can all do and take personal responsibility for to eliminate some of these crashes and fatalities,” said Lauren Wahlman with Vision Zero.

Finalized crash data will be made available by Vision Zero by the end of January.