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Wrigley concurs with the choice to withhold the security expenditures from Burgum’s presidential campaign



Bismarck, North Dakota – Attorney General Drew Wrigley says he agrees with the decision to withhold the security expenditures related to Governor Doug Burgum’s presidential campaign.

The patrol responded by stating that costs associated with security and dignitary protection are included in the Field Operations Budget and that it does not have a separate account number for security. The patrol did report that certain officers were assigned to the task and that security was paid for with both campaign and state cash. The patrol claimed that the Burgum campaign did not utilize any of its planes.

Because “doing so would undermine the mission of those security resources by shedding light on the breadth and depth of that security,” Wrigley added that it would be dangerous to discuss security expenditures.

On June 7 in Fargo, Burgum began his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. It concluded on December 4.

During the campaign, Burgum traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire and took part in debates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Simi Valley, California.

He has been a campaigner for former president Donald Trump in both Iowa and New Hampshire since withdrawing from the race.