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North Dakota

Women’s axe-throwing grows in Minot



Minot, North Dakota – In America, the practice of throwing axes is expanding.

According to IBISWorld study, the industry is currently worth $160 million and expanding.

Crystal Kwaw from Your News Leader focuses on how well-liked the sport is among women.

Some Minoters enjoy throwing objects precisely towards a wall as one of their favorite pastimes. When the women’s league began in October 2022, according to Devin Banning, axe master at Up Your Axe and league coordinator, they sold out in less than 72 hours. “We kind of realized, hey, we might have something on our hands, something that’s desired, something that women want to do,” remarked Banning. When the season begins, she claimed that 15 to 22 women will join the women’s recreational league. Cameon Eisenzimmer participates in a number of leagues, including the coed World Axe Throwing League (or WATL), which frequently travels for events.

She and Cameon are the only female athletes in the WATL, which has between eight and twenty athletes, according to Banning.

“There’s not a lot of females, not only in Minot, but across the nation that throw axes,” said Eisenzimmer.

According to Eisenzimmer, some of the causes include intimidation or the desire to avoid serving as a warning. “They’ve seen the videos where somebody throws an axe; it bounces back or goes whooshing by their head,” said Eisenzimmer. She said accidents rarely happen though. With enough practice each throw sticks closer to bullseye. “For our couples league, oddly enough, it’s not super popular,” said Banning. She attributes it to people’s schedules. Eisenzimmer said farmers, nine-to-fivers, bank tellers, teachers and nurses have joined the world of axe throwing.

In October, the women’s axe league will resume.