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With an estimated 14,000 available opportunities, North Dakota’s workforce is experiencing near-record low unemployment



Bismarck, North Dakota – According to a Jobs Service representative for North Dakota, the total number of available opportunities in the state is basically in line with pre-pandemic figures.

The state’s Job Service website currently lists close to 14,000 job opportunities as of December 14. According to Phil Davis, the director of North Dakota Workforce Services, the number of jobs fluctuated between 13,000 and 16,000 in 2018, thus the listings are essentially in line with pre-pandemic figures.

Additionally, Davis said he couldn’t definitively refute North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s assertion that the figure is probably twice as high as what is shown in statistics gathered by the state.

“If you have two or three people that would walk through your door, and they’re qualified for the opening, you are probably going to hire them at this day and time,” said Davis.

The notion that “no one wants to work anymore” was also refuted by Davis in light of remarks regarding North Dakota’s unemployment statistics. In October 2023, the state’s unemployment rate was 1.4%, while in September, it reached a record-low 1.3%. Furthermore, he stated that out of the 1,800 recipients of assistance, 70% had a job. This covers construction and other summer occupations that are furloughed.

It is anticipated that North Dakota’s unemployment rate for November will be made public by December 22nd.

According to Davis, the state generally has some of the highest percentages of workforce engagement in the country, at over 70%. This is in addition to Davis’s assertion that many individuals work two or more jobs, albeit he did not provide data to support this claim.