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North Dakota

Williston’s air medical service operated by Guardian Med Flight is now closed



Williston, North Dakota – Helicopter air medical services provided by one firm in Williston have been stopped.

Guardian Med Flight/Global Medical Response terminated their air medical service flight in Williston as of July 10, according to a press release from the Williston Fire Department.

Guardian Medical Flight stated that the closure was due to “operating costs.”

Additionally, the business shut down its helicopter facility in Devils Lake.

Additionally, the corporation runs a fixed-wing medical aircraft out of Sidney, Montana, and that service is still in use.

The nearest air medical helicopter to the Williston area is currently operated by Minot’s Trinity Health under the moniker Trinity First Response. From Williston, Trinity also manages a fixed-wing air medical aircraft.

Officials from the Williston Fire Department express their disappointment with Guardian Medical Flight’s choice to stop providing helicopter air medical services in the area.

“This closure will reduce the Williston Fire Department’s ability to coordinate direct scene flights for patients,” it noted in its news release. “Ground ambulance response by WFD will not be compromised because of this closure. WFD will continue coordinating with air medical providers in the greater region to coordinate air medical transportation of the severely ill and injured patients we respond to.”