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North Dakota

Will Doug Burgum accept a cabinet position if he does not win presidency?



North Dakota – According to his FEC reports, Doug Burgum has been running for office for almost three months and has raised over $11 million. He claims the campaign trail is going great.

“I mean, starting with kids, I grew up with high school classmates, folks that I went to NDSU with friends, neighbors, you know, from farming and ranching supporters along the way, it’s been really incredible. Katherine and I are so honored to tell the North Dakota story to the nation,” said Burgum.

He worked really hard to win both Iowa and New Hampshire, as we have seen him do.

As the nation’s first caucus state in January 2024, Iowa, and the next state after New Hampshire, Burgum believes it is where his attention is focused.

But if he loses those two states, what other states does he have left to win?

“As we’ve seen, in past elections, if you have strong momentum out of those two, then it’s almost a month later, before the next state which is South Carolina,” said Burgum.

Despite being one of the less well-known candidates, he claims that things are going well in the two states.

“We’re already pulling ahead in those states of people that have got 100% name recognition and have held national office. So we feel like we’re off to a fantastic start,” said Burgum.

In the event that one of his rivals is elected president, he has stated that he is not interested in serving in the cabinet.

What would it entail for Burgum, though?

“No, I’m running for president of the United States not running to be part of a cabinet, and people have asked me, ‘Hey, would you like this cabinet position?’ Or that I’d said, hey, well, part of my hallmark of any business that I’ve ever built is we attract a bunch of talent to come with us. When I’m President, we’re going to have a fantastic set of cabinet leaders that are going to love working and feel part of that administration to help move this country forward,” replied Burgum.

The main discussion between the Republican presidential candidates will take place on Wednesday.

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