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North Dakota

Where is the best place in North Dakota to see fall foliage ?



Bismarck, North Dakota – Fall has officially arrived in North Dakota since Labor Day is often observed as the end of the summer. That being said, this does not imply that outdoor activities in our state are over. Autumn is a great time for photographers and tourists to visit their favorite viewpoints in the hopes of capturing some amazing fall foliage, in addition to the many outdoor and indoor activities that are currently happening throughout the state. But which of the many picturesque locations in North Dakota is thought to be the greatest for doing so?

Photobook brand Mixbook polled 3,000 people about their top fall travel destinations to capture the beauty of the foliage, in an effort to highlight some of the best “hidden gem” spots in the US. Following a comparison and tally of these comments, it was found that three local landmarks in North Dakota were among the top 150 locations in the nation to witness the fall foliage.

At 120th place nationwide, Pembina Gorge, a small state recreation area near Walhalla along the Pembina River, was the highest-ranked spot in North Dakota on the list. As per Mixbook, visitors to the site observe that the aspen trees in the gorge exhibit a multitude of vibrant hues in the fall, creating a striking contrast with the adjacent hills and river. Apart from the gorge, Turtle Mountain State Forest and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park were ranked 123rd and 127th, respectively, as some of the nation’s top locations for fall foliage.

Regarding where Americans love to see fall foliage the most across the nation, the study found that New England and the Northeast continue to be the most preferred states. While these regions have the majority of the study’s top ten destinations, other states such as Ohio, California, and Montana, which is in the Midwest, also offer beautiful locations that rank among the finest for viewing fall foliage.

“We hope these stunning, hidden gems across the U.S. inspire people to pack their bags and experience some incredible fall destinations firsthand,” commented Mixbook’s Director of Brand Leslie Albertson in a press release. “Even better, these fall spots make the perfect backdrop for this year’s family photos, to share in a holiday card or gift in a photo book. The autumn leaves and serene landscapes offer the perfect canvas for crafting unique and unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come.”

Visit Mixbook’s website to see a comprehensive list of the best 150 locations in the US to see stunning fall foliage, along with an extensive infographic.