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West Fargo Police are on the alert as concerns about street racing continue to grow



West Fargo, North Dakota – The first day of spring has arrived in the FM Metro area, which not only brings warmer weather but also means the roads have been cleaned off and drivers can go faster on them.

“If it’s a problem in Fargo, we expect it to be a problem here,” said West Fargo Police Officer Wesley Booth, talking with WDAY Radio about street racing in the area.

At least as recently as a few weeks ago, Officer Booth stated that the primary cause for concern is the high number of motorbikes that are racing through the city streets without paying any attention to the posted speed limits.

“We mostly see these situations happen during lunch hour, or after the evening commute wraps up,” said Officer Booth. “There have only been a few cases so far, but we definitely want to get ahead of something that could result in a deadly incident.”

The municipal leadership in neighboring Fargo held multiple community meetings in addition to special law enforcement projects, which included taking to the air to prevent and apprehend the “Fast and Furious” wannabes. As a result, there is a heightened awareness of street racing as a result of these events.

In what ways can you contribute to the effort? Officer Booth has some recommendations for you.

“If you see some activity or notice a pattern of street racing, obviously don’t try to stop it yourself,” said Officer Booth. “Make sure to stay out of the way, take a description of what cars or vehicles you see, then give us a call so we can nip the issue in the bud.”