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West Fargo family claims that the apartment’s black mold caused them to become ill



West Fargo, North Dakota – Suelen Madden, a resident of West Fargo, is coming up after she and her children fell ill as a result of black mold in their apartment building. She claims to have had the mold in her unit at Riverstone Apartments in West Fargo for more than a year.”I’m concerned for everyone,” Madden said.

She says she noticed the mold about a week after she moved in last December.

“The first thing I noticed when I moved in, it seemed like water damage, or something was wrong in that corner,” Madden said.

She claimed to have requested for assistance more than once.

“I showed them, they took pictures, and due to water damage, they covered up the mold, painted right over it,” Madden said.

She claims that other tenants have experienced problems as well.

“There’s been a lot of talk about the mold you can see it units, in the bathrooms especially,” Madden said.

Madden claimed that because of how bad it was, it was difficult for her to see.

“It’s very sad,” Madden said. “To know as a mom and a member in our community… we need to do better. And if they have small children or health issues themselves, they could get more sick.”

Madden, who left the flat before December 1st, is requesting that the apartment be inspected and that the tenant’s safety be taken into account.

“For how much we’re paying… We’re paying for a home. And our community, we deserve better. And safety is a big key, and health,” Madden said. “I would ask that somebody look over this apartment, because it’s mold all through the apartments, even in the hallways.”

Zander Capital Management President Phil Medina claimed that until Madden announced her move, he was unaware that she was having so many mold-related problems.

He added that the property was cleaned before a new renter moved in and that they are being informed of the mold history. They said that there was no mold present when she moved out.

They add that as of right now, there isn’t any mold in that unit.