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North Dakota

Wahpeton’s WBI energy expansion approved by FERC



Wahpeton, North Dakota – The expansion proposal by WBI Energy to provide Wahpeton with natural gas service was approved this week by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Speaking out, Senator Kevin Cramer praised the project and stated that it will supply a fixed quantity of gas.

He explains that natural gas will be delivered where there is currently a need thanks to WBI Energy’s pipeline network’s Wahpeton Expansion.

I’ll continue by saying that it will, above all, present chances for increased industrial and agricultural development in southeast North Dakota.

Senator John Hoeven joined him, stating that we are bolstering the resiliency of our local businesses and enhancing U.S. energy security by pushing for the approval of projects like WBI’s expansion.

“We’ve been working for a long time to get more natural gas into Wahpeton, so this is a big milestone, very important for the community and for southeast North Dakota because it means more business, more industry, and particularly more agriculture business and this is a strong region for value-added ag processing,” said Sen. Hoeven.

Along with a bill to expedite and set timeframes for multi-agency National Environmental Policy Act reviews of natural gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas projects, the senator is supporting legislation to provide regulatory relief in the federal permitting process.