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Veteran of the Air Force braving the cold to raise funds for Ukrainians



Fargo, North Dakota – To raise money for Ukrainian soldiers fighting overseas, an Air Force veteran is camped out for sixteen nights.

Mark J. Lindquist launched his most recent effort to aid Ukrainians struggling for freedom despite the cold.

The promotion began on Friday afternoon at Broadway Square and will last until the new year.

He makes a few stops along the way, like at the Whale of a Wash, the Junkyard Brewing Company, and the Live Wire Production Office.

Lindquist is pleading with people to give both cash and winter-related products.

“This is serious, and people will not survive the winter unless Westerners and the world help. You are not in danger of dying this winter because of the cold, there are people in Ukraine that only have power 20% of the time and we can help those people. If we can, we must.” says Mark J. Lindquist, Air Force Veteran.

Lindquist is thrilled to see how well his campaign is doing.

“What inspired me to do this is that once you take the oath of enlistment, you have a battle buddy, you pledge to take care of the safety, health, and well-being of the person next to you, and right now those people that were next to me are the Ukrainian soldiers who signed up to defend their country like I signed up to defend mine. So, I am doing it in solidarity with them.” says Lindquist.

He is hoping that some more cash might be raised for the purpose.

“Americans are going to spend eight hundred billion dollars on Christmas this season. It might be a trillion some estimates are and so, if that’s the case, I know we complain about inflation, but that means we have enough extra, if we are spending that much money on Christmas, we have enough extra to give a couple bucks twenty, fifty, one hundred dollars. My average donation is one hundred fifty bucks to these people who desperately are seeking the same type of freedom that you enjoy, being able to enjoy Christmas here in America. They just want the same things.” says Lindquist.