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Tracking service calls in Minot will switch from a list to a map



Minot, North Dakota – On the City of Minot website, there may soon be modifications to the way service requests are displayed.

A basic notion of what was called for, when it was made, and where it was made is provided by the website’s current list.

According to Minot Police Chief John Klug, the program is being updated and will soon have a map.

However, he claims that it will simply provide the block’s address.

“It’s not going to put a dot on your house and say we were there for this purpose,” said Klug.

The calls made, according to him, will be delayed by almost six hours. According to the sensitivity of the situation, such as with, for example, domestic abuse, Klug noted, the information won’t be made public in order to safeguard the anonymity of the victim and suspect.

He stated that the new software will go live perhaps early next week.