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Think about booking a trip to North Dakota next



Fargo, North Dakota – The moment has come to emphasize the vital role that travel and tourism play in our economy. North Dakota’s governor, Doug Burgum, declared May 7 through May 13 to be Tourism Week.

Tourism and marketing division head Sara Otte Coleman estimates that tourists to North Dakota will spend close to $3 billion there in 2021.

With 76% of new residents reporting prior visits, tourism not only boosts the state’s economy but also expands the workforce. Even if you live in the state, there are ways you may support its tourism business by traveling to other regions of North Dakota.

“The guide this year is full of itineraries and great ideas on ways to explore the state,” said Coleman. “You can look at it thematically, or you can look at it like a route if you want to do I-29, or if you want to do a western North Dakota tour. And then it would suggest different things to see and do across the state.”

The ND Tourism Department creates guides and maps to aid in planning your upcoming trip to the state.