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The “Zombie Cafe” at Fargo Davies High School serves intellectual fare prepared by AP Psychology students



Fargo, North Dakota – Tuesday was a “Zombie Cafe” at Fargo Davies High School, where AP Psychology students served out delectable food and snacks fashioned like various brain regions.

“The kids have been working on learning all the various parts of the brain and how they affect our behavior in the world of psychology and so we use the day of Halloween to take a look at what all of the different brain parts do,” said teacher Rachel Erickson.

According to Erickson, student groups designed menus and storefronts for restaurants that provide the best cranial cuisine, such as the medulla, frontal lobes, and cerebellum.

In addition to sampling the offerings, parents and other school personnel cast their votes for the student exhibits and presentations that best demonstrated their understanding of the brain and its functioning.