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North Dakota

The problem of fake medications among young people is serious



North Dakota – Prescription and over-the-counter drug usage is more common among high school students in North Dakota than it is with synthetic substances, cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin combined.

The fact that some of the prescription drugs our pupils abuse are fake is a bad thing.

Unlike the genuine medication, counterfeit pills have different chemicals.

The D.E.A. claims that they could have the incorrect component or perhaps no active substance.

Because counterfeit medications are made by criminals to get individuals addicted, they may also contain fatal doses of fentanyl or meth.

Additionally, students purchase these medications from vendors without being aware of the source.

“You know, the amount of fake pills out there that the kids are pursuing is a lot,” said Carlos Briano from the D.E.A., “So, we do want to bring that to their attention, and we are going to provide a lot of resources as well.”