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The North Dakota DOT announces the tri-level intersection will soon start construction



Fargo, North Dakota – The tri-level crossroads of Interstates 29 and 94 will soon undergo construction, according to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, with the goal of enhancing traffic flow.

The project’s first phase will start on Monday, June 5th. concentrating on constructing a new lane on I-94 that is exclusively for eastbound traffic between the tri-level and 25th Street interchanges.

Drivers traveling east toward Minnesota will have greater capacity thanks to this extra lane.

resulting in the temporary shutdown of I-94’s right shoulder going east.

Remember that during construction, all three lanes of traffic will remain available, however, vehicles will divert to the left shoulder to move northward. Consequently, some shoulders will be closed in order to improve traffic flow.

Right shoulder closures:

• Right shoulder, northbound I-29 to eastbound I-94 ramp.
• Right shoulder, southbound I-29 to eastbound I-94 toward the exit end as drivers approach I-94.

Left shoulder closures:

• Left shoulder, entrance to the tri-level ramp (southbound travel)
• Left shoulder, I-29 northbound and southbound near the exit ramp for northbound 13th Ave.

As a result, there will be some traffic congestion, and the tri-level crossroads should be busy this summer. Visit www.Dot.Nd.Gov for clarification or more information on the upcoming construction of highways.