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The ND Education Standards & Practices Board seeks to declare an emergency due to the teacher shortage



Bismarck, North Dakota – As a result of a letter that was issued to Governor Doug Burgum by the state’s education standards and practices board, the teacher shortage in North Dakota has taken a new turn. They are requesting that he declare the teacher shortage a catastrophe.

This statement would include a waiver allowing some student teachers to teach without a teaching license. The board decided that this would be a one-semester arrangement.

“It would be those that have positive field experience and they feel like they’re ready,” said Rebecca Pitkin, the executive director of the ND Education Standards and Practices Board. “There are some parameters in place. It’s not everyone. The board doesn’t think that the schools just bring in everyone into teaching. It’s just one small step to assist the shortage.”

The letter is opposed by ND Unite because it will harm teachers, according to them. Additionally, they said that there are more than 220 positions around the state, that this is identical to 2016, and that the governor was not required to make a pronouncement. According to NDU, Governor Burgum should reject the proposal.

“What we need to do is to actually dig down deep. Put together a task force of people that are committed to finding a solution,” said Nick Archuleta, the president of NDU. “Parents, taxpayers, teachers, administrators. Let’s get into a room and start addressing the fundamental causes of the teacher shortage. And then work hard to mitigate those.”