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The head of Gays Against Groomers speaks out against the Fargo salon’s sponsorship of a transgender event for children



Fargo, North Dakota – The head of the “Gays against Groomers” chapter in North Dakota is criticizing an upcoming event for kids aged 12 to 18 that the Fargo salon Enlightened Beauty is hosting.

The December 7th event, dubbed “Trans Takeover Makeover Night,” is billed as a free “workshop to talk about all things skincare, makeup, and haircare.”

“We do not approve of anything involving sexuality, gender expression, or sexual identity involving minors. We believe that exposing children to content involving transgenderism is a form of indoctrination,” said Elly Riddell.

Children are welcome to attend the event with a “trusted adult,” according to a social media post promoting it.

In response to Riddell’s concerns, Kayla Nayes, the owner of Enlightened Beauty, issued the following written statement:

“It is likely these citizens are using you and your platform to further bully us and attempt to put pressure on an event they personally do not like and we think that this is terrible use of journalism and reporting. There is nothing secret about our event, it is very easy to understand, and incredibly inappropriate to call it grooming. It’s been a tough year for many people, and we hope they can heal and find peace.”