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The Fargo Park Board votes narrowly to fire executive director Leker



Fargo, North Dakota – Executive Director Dave Leker’s employment has been terminated by the Fargo Park Board. It was decided to terminate Leker’s employment by a vote of 3-2. With Jerry Rostad, Dawn Morgan, and Joe Deutsch voting in favor and Aaron Hill and Vicki Dawson voting against, board member Vicki Dawson made the motion.

According to Morgan, Fargo Parks required a leader with a greater vision. Leker, according to Dawson, had the odds stacked against him and was not the best candidate for the position. According to Rostad, doing the right thing isn’t always simple. Leker had certain leadership weaknesses, but, according to Hill and Deutsch, he had improved during the course of the four-month development plan, which came to a close on May 31.

Leker had approximately 25 years of experience with the Park District. In 2020, he was chosen to serve as the Executive Director.

Leker’s dismissal conditions weren’t immediately obvious. Until a new executive director is selected, deputy directors Dave Bietz and Susan Faus will serve as the Fargo Park District’s co-leaders.