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North Dakota

The expansion of Dickinson’s Gooseneck Implement



Dickinson, North Dakota – The Gooseneck Implement facility in Dickinson is undergoing significant modifications.

According to Dickinson general manager John Mewes, the new shop is being built directly off the first Dickinson exit heading west.

He claims that a greater requirement for space arose as a result of increased business and larger farm equipment.

Roughly twice as many technicians will be able to work at the new business as there are currently.

According to Mewes, the new structure will also enable them to grow their team and create jobs in the Dickinson region.

“We’re going to have to find more employees, so we’re going to be employing more people and looking for quality help and that just brings more business into Dickinson,” said Mewes.

According to Mewes, the objective is to move into the new facility completely by this time next year.

They do not intend to remain in the current building, he continues.