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The executive director of Giving Hearts Day concludes the record-breaking day with some closing thoughts



Fargo, North Dakota – With the formal conclusion of a record-breaking Giving Hearts Day, preparations are on for the event the following year.

Donations totaling $29,089,576 were received for the event from Western Minnesota and North Dakota. Several gifts were also given away to charities that were present, including Sharehouse, the Alzheimer’s Association, Box of Balloons, and others.

According to Pat Traynor, the Executive Director of the Dakota Medical Foundation, Giving Hearts Day is anticipated to grow its operational area until 2025 and beyond.

Plans for Giving Hearts Day 2019 are still being developed, but organizers indicate that one of their future objectives is to bring the event’s national exposure.

A more pressing objective, according to Traynor, is to take the newly created Giving Hearts Day show to other places in the state that are already taking part in the day of giving, such as Williston, Bismarck, and a few areas in Minnesota.