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The city of Alexander wants to expand its child care facilities in the nearby community



Alexander, North Dakota – In North Dakota, many families are having trouble finding childcare. It’s a problem that affects people in both big cities and outlying areas.

In Alexander, a community of about 300 people, only Bright Minds Daycare has a public license. With 16 small children under her care, Nikki Holen has been running the daycare for seven years. She has a waitlist, just as other providers in larger cities.

“I have about 21 on my waiting list and it seems like every week I get two or three calls looking for childcare,” said Holen.

As a means of encouraging staff hiring, the Alexander School District is renting space to a daycare center. This month, The Turtle Crossing launched with eight children, all of whom were children of school staff. Some students are assisting and obtaining a childcare development credit, according to Superintendent Leslie Bieber.

“We’re kind of building our own. As long as we can get these kids interested in education and daycare, whatever the need is, let’s start them young so we have that support later,” said Bieber.

The city and McKenzie County are constructing a bigger facility to provide Alexander with more daycare options.

“We are in the design stage still. We have talked with the county to possibly get it in front of their budget for next year. The city will put in their part too,” said Kenneth Wilcox, Alexander’s Mayor.

The construction of a facility is not yet scheduled, but Wilcox expressed his hope that it does so quickly.

According to Wilcox, the facility would also provide space for those who commuted between Williston and Watford City as well as for residents of other local villages.