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The 25th annual United Way school supplies drive



Fargo, North Dakota – The end of the summer is quickly approaching, and for some people, that means it’s time to start considering returning to school.

“What we know is that when students show up on day one this fall and they have the tools that they need to succeed they show up confident, they show up ready to learn, and they fit in with their peers which is really important to students,” says United Way of Cass Clay’s Tiffany McShane.

United Way believes that every student should have access to the materials they require in order to enter the classroom on the first day of school feeling secure and prepared.

To assist underprivileged local kids, United Way organizes a school supply drive every year.

This year, they were successful in equipping 6,000 kids with new backpacks and school supplies.

“I think it’s really important for students to walk into school the first day with a backpack that has all the supplies they need to succeed. It makes them feel more confident that they’re going to be able to do a good job in their schoolwork and also to just focus on actual school,” says Dr. Knutson from Essentia.

Thousands of local families are beginning to receive their school supplies.

Many people worry that they might not have the necessary supplies for that special first day of school.

“As we embark on our 25th year of the United Way School Supply Drive we have 100,000 kids in our community that have received backpacks through this program,” says McShane.

Nearly 100,000 backpacks have been given to children in need since the event started in 1997, all thanks to the kindness of the Fargo-Moorhead community.

“You know it’s not just about that incredible financial support. Behind us we have nearly 40 volunteers from the Essentia health team and at united way we activate and inspire our community and they’re doing that right now. They’re packing backpacks and getting us ready for distribution which will happen this week,” says McShane.

You can still donate if you missed the school supply drive; just go to our website and click here.