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Station 4 in Minot receives a new fire engine



Minot, North Dakota – As the population of our state increases, so does the demand for more emergency services.

In order to better serve the local population, a new fire engine was dispatched to the Magic City.

A fire engine that did not adhere to the most recent pollution requirements was ordered to be retired and destroyed by the Minot Fire Department.

They put the first of two brand-new trucks in place of the 25-year-old engine.

Station 4 in southeast Minot is the recipient of the newest vehicle.

The newest model has a larger cab and improved equipment as its key advantages.

“The old style cabs that we’ve had for years, you’re kind of cramped in there and are facing both backward and forwards, and there’s not a lot of leg room. These new trucks allow us to be a little bit more efficient, getting out of our vehicles when we need to help people,” said Jeremy Croxall, an engineer for the Minot Fire Department.

Next spring, a second brand-new fire engine is expected to be delivered, and it will be assigned to Fire Station 5, a brand-new fire station that is now being built.