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Sky Range increases hypersonic missile testing to Hector Field in Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – The Sky Range hypersonic missile testing program will now include Hector Field near Fargo, according to Senator John Hoeven’s announcement today.

The news was made at the Microsoft office in Fargo’s Autonomous Nation Conference.

For the new Sky Range facility, the Test Resource Management Center will utilize the Reaper operations center of the National Guard at Hector.

There will be a new data processing center at the location.

“Sky Range is a game-changer for our nation’s efforts to develop and test the next generation of hypersonic missiles, and North Dakota plays an ever-more central role in this critical aspect of our defense,” said Senator Hoeven. “Further, we can save Sky Range time and money, because we already have the perfect facility at Hector Field for this data processing center. Once the 119th Wing moves into their new $17.5 million operations center, we will have a vacant, secure facility that can be quickly adapted to Sky Range’s needs, in time for the program to start activities in 2025. That’s essential, as it will enable our nation to begin testing hypersonic missiles in a more flexible, cost-effective manner than our current ship-based approach, giving us a competitive edge over our adversaries.”