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‘Silos Baking Competition’ hosted by Joanna Gaines features a baker from Bismarck



Bismarck, North Dakota – There is something calming and unwinding about watching a baking show on television, even if you don’t bake.

There are many programs available; Joanna Gaines’ “Silos Baking Competition” is one of the most recent to appear on television.

There is a reference to North Dakota in the recently concluded first season. One of the five finalists in the “Silos” season finale was a woman from Bismarck.

It’s likely that you will locate Jes Juma in the kitchen if you’re looking for her.

“Baking is my passion,” she declared.

She won Joanna Gaines’ “Silos Baking Competition” thanks to her baking.

Juma said with a smile, “I am a competitor at heart.

For the first round, she made her renowned peanut butter cupcakes.

She described it as a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting on the inside and a peanut butter topping on top.

They were competent enough to get the victory.

“I was surprised. I was, in fact. I got to bake with the most fantastic people. No one had any significant issues, Juma added.

Juma was invited back for the conclusion thanks to his victory. She made a yeast roll this time. Making that in the two hours allotted for the tournament presented a difficulty.

She remembered, “I changed the recipe, made it a single rise. Given that everything was shot outdoors, I even had to design an outdoor proofing area. You are outside in the middle of Texas in October when you watch the show, and I baked a roll in two hours. It’s a roll prepared in a muffin tin, hence the name “roll-uffin.”

Juma thinks that’s alright even though it wasn’t enough to win the contest.

“I felt like I went in there to show my skills and the feedback I got from the judges was so amazing, and that was better than any actual win more than anything else,” she added. “So it really wasn’t disappointing.”

All of that adds up to a really enjoyable experience.

Episodes of Juma can be found on MAX, Discovery+, and the Magnolia Network channel.

Juma said she’d like to participate in another baking competition in the future.