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Seniors from Fargo North decorate a vehicle for Homecoming week



Fargo, North Dakota – In particular, this is an exciting moment to be a senior.

Children and their friends are returning to school, attending football games, and preparing for Homecoming.

At Fargo North, a group of females are making the most of their remaining time.

“We love this thing,” Maddie Kern said. “It’s awesome.”

The pink van in the high school parking lot, all decked out with cherries and flames, is really endearing. The fact that a group of elders is in charge of everything from beginning to end just adds to its awesomeness.

“It was a spur of the moment thing,” Kern said. “We actually purchased it last week.”

The girls had witnessed similar events at other schools during homecoming week. For the van, paint, and décor, ten of them pooled their money.

“We spent three days painting it and decorating the inside,” Ambree Hansen said.

And when they bought it, it was black. The girls claim that perfecting the design required more effort than they had anticipated. They encountered other difficulties as well.

“I tried to turn it over and she wouldn’t start,” Kern said. “First day we had it. We had to bring a friend over and get a jump.”

They haven’t had any issues with it since. Since then, they have been showing off their new motorcycle at sports and other school functions.

“Our other friend, Betsy, came up with the cherry idea,” Anna Nelson said. “Her mom actually made it for us.”

The girls’ hangout area inside carries on with the idea. Though they might be the first, these seniors won’t be the last to savor the rewards of their hard work.

“We are planning to pass it down and keep it at North,” Nelson said.

But before they pass it on, the girls want the following class to know a few things.

“It drives really well, minus the brakes,” Kern said. “You have to press really hard to get it to stop.”

The girls estimate that they spent about $1,000 in total.

The Homecoming festivities in Fargo North began this week. There will be a football game, a reunion, and the homecoming dance on Friday.