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Restaurant in Grand Forks catches fire due to combustible storage



Grand Forks, North Dakota – Just after nine on Saturday morning, the Grand Forks Fire Department received a report of a fire alarm with water flow at a nearby restaurant.

When firefighters got to the IHOP at 3951 32nd Ave. South, they discovered that the fire in a mechanical room had already been put out when they arrived. Damage was limited to the mechanical room since it was isolated from the restaurant.

It was discovered that certain combustibles that were kept too close to a water heater were the inadvertent cause of the incident.

Five engines, a truck, a command vehicle, a fire marshal vehicle, and eighteen personnel made up the department’s response. Neither the residents nor the fire department workers suffered any injuries.

The Grand Forks Fire Department would like to urge locals to keep anything combustible away from any electrical panels or appliances.