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Request to restore the Centennial sign from the former mayor of Bismarck



Bismarck, North Dakota – Marlan “Hawk” Haakenson, the mayor of Bismarck at the time, participated in celebrations for North Dakota’s 100th anniversary in 1989.

He presented a centennial beach marker to recognize a section of the Missouri River’s east bank.

And according to the former mayor, Bismarck’s Centennial Beach is the city’s sole Centennial Project.

He claims that restoring the sign to its former splendour is the proper course of action for the city commissioners.

“It’s a wonderful building called the Landing and the predominant signage out there is the landing. But the name is Centennial Beach. We feel it should be recognized as such,” said Haakenson.

City commissioners ultimately determined they would look into further ideas for the Centennial Beach Plaque.