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North Dakota

Records for Bis-Man Transit show that ridership rose in 2023



Bismarck, North Dakota – In 2023, Bis-Man Transit saw an increase in ridership. 188,287 passenger trips were noted.

The buses continue to run despite the recent cold spell, but fewer people board.

“We’re still transporting people to doctor’s appointments and things like that— employment, but more of those recreational– you know, groceries or going to the movies– that kind of slows down a little bit when we’re seeing this cold weather,” said Deidre Hughes, Bis-Man Transit executive director.

She said that the buses have a full maintenance crew and have not experienced any problems in the cold.

“Yeah, so we’re very fortunate when we have these cold snaps like this. We have all vehicles stored indoors. That doesn’t mean we’re immune to the issues, and we’re out on the road for 12-14 hours a day with these buses, and things do come up,” said Hughes.

She claimed that a contributing factor in the rise in ridership was the winter weather of the previous year.

“And I think for some of those people who have a little bit of anxiety driving when the road conditions aren’t optimal, we’ve been such a great assistance for those people,” said Hughes.

According to Hughes, the Passigo GO bus tracking app, more marketing, and route modifications all contributed to the success of the higher ridership.

The increase in ridership follows a decline in ridership as a result of COVID-19.

“I think with increased rates, that everyone’s seeing the inflation with just groceries, gas price of vehicles, all of that is going up. People are looking for ways to save money. And one of those ways that they can save money is through public transportation,” said Hughes.

She stated that Bis-Man Transit plans to increase the CAT bus hours for shift workers in the future.

The NDDOT, the cities of Mandan and Bismarck, the federal government, advertising sales, and fare income all provide money for Bis-Man Transit.