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North Dakota

Prices for tickets to the Medora are rising, but be on the lookout for fraud



Minot, North Dakota – The Medora Musical and other events and activities are in full swing in Medora, but so are the con artists, especially when it comes to ticket costs.

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation claims that although musical tickets have become more expensive over time, they are still not as expensive as other independent websites claim. Help is always available over the phone if you have any questions.

“Folks can always give us a call right here in Medora,” said the Foundation’s Digital Media Strategist Alix Johnson. “It’s 1-800 Medora-one. We’ll get you in touch with our reservation center. We’re always happy to help people out over the phone. If they have any questions or confusion, we’ll just get you taken care of right away,.

Tickets for the musical start at $48.95 for adults, $22.95 for students aged 7 to 17, and are free for children under 6.