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Presentation of “THE LOST BRIDGE” on June 15 in Valley City



Valley City, North Dakota – Bennett R. Kubischta will present “The Lost Bridge” at 7:30 PM on Thursday, June 15th at the Barnes County Museum as part of the 2023 Annual Meeting and conclusion of the lecture series for season 22 of the Barnes County Historical Society. Valley City, North Dakota (315 Central Ave N)

Travel on land has always been hampered by rivers. In North Dakota in the early 20th century, the Little Missouri River and its canyon presented a special barrier to travelers. The ND 22 Lost Bridge, constructed north of Killdeer during the winters of 1930 and 1931, was one of the bridges that crossed that river. You’ll discover information on the funding for it, the survey, the construction of the bridge, and a conflict between communities, rattlesnakes, cattle, cowboys, and cowgirls.

After graduating from the North Dakota State College of Science in 1970, Bennett Kubischta spent 44 years working for the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) before retiring in 2014. He was involved in the creation of plans for both urban and rural roadways from 1970 to 1976. His first three summers working for the Department were devoted to construction surveys. Ben wrote environmental documents between 1976 and the mid-1990s. These included anything from box culvert replacements on rural roadways to urban projects like the four-laning of US 83 north and south of Max and the six-laning of I-94 in Fargo, as well as urban projects like Bismarck’s Century Avenue from State Street to Washington Street.

Since the program’s inception in the middle of the 1990s until his retirement in 2014, Ben has coordinated the Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program. He oversaw landscaping initiatives, NDDOT’s rest area repair program, the State Scenic Byway program, bicycle/pedestrian projects, and more while working with the TE program. Ben also oversaw TE Tourism-related projects such the Sitting Bull Visitor Center, the Missouri Yellowstone Confluence Center, the Midland Continental Railroad/Peggy Lee Museum, and the Pembina State Museum. Additionally, he worked on the Old Red Trail and Rivers, Roads, Rails, and Air programs for Prairie Public Broadcasting as well as the educational Scattered Village program for elementary and middle school children. The release of North Dakota Department of Transportation – Roads of Progress, an update of the NDDOT’s history, was the pinnacle of Ben’s career.

Reports are presented at the Barnes County Historical Society’s annual meeting, and two new board members are chosen for consecutive three-year terms. Only members are permitted to vote; memberships are offered at the door. All are welcome to attend the presentation!

All lectures are presented in collaboration with Valley City State University at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum. They are accessible to everyone and are free.

Call Wes Anderson at 701-845-0966 for further details.