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Popular Super Slide attraction is about to close



Bismarck, North Dakota – People are saddened to hear that a local amusement park is undergoing a makeover, but they are using the occasion to remember happy memories.

“This was my first ride I ever went on, and I think I went with my parents,” said Isadora Rose, an attendee at the Super Slide Amusement Park in Bismarck.

One of the Super Slide Amusement Park’s most well-liked attractions is nearing the end of its 43-year run.

“The Critter Track actually, the manufacturer went bankrupt shortly after it was put into place in the park in 1980,” said Nicole Schumaker, the lead employee at the Super Slide Amusement Park. “Our amazing owner and mechanic Dave has been building parts for it for all of these years as it’s needed the replacement parts, and at this point in time the cost and the maintenance are just getting so hard that it’s time to let it go and put in something new and exciting.”

A brand-new train will take the place of the animals at the end of the next year. The park’s administration asked guests to post pictures of their favorite memories there when they posted about the closure on their Facebook page.

“We just thought, you know, people probably want the chance to say goodbye to it, or come recreate their old photos,” said Schumaker. “The response has been overwhelming, we’re happy to see that so many people love it as much as we do, but it will be bittersweet to say goodbye.”

“I actually came here and went on this ride when I was about two years old, and I actually met my first friend that I had my first sleepover with here,” shared Shayda Morgan, a Super Slide attendee.

Another park visitor, Ansley Hust, shared, “One of my best friends in the whole world, this was the first rides I rode with her.”

“When I was little, I used to go on this with my cousins a lot, and we had so much fun on here because we thought it was really fast when we were young,” shared Trinity Haas, another ride-goer.

Many people are excited to see what will replace the critters even though they are sad to see them depart.

“I hope a lot of kids have fun memories with the new one like we did with the old one,” shared Super Slide visitor Kaia Sheets.

The Critter Track is only open until September 4th. The enormous response from the community, however, has prompted park officials to explore extending it to September 10.