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Police towing vehicles blocking crews working to clear snow piles in downtown Fargo



Fargo, North Dakota – If you are overnight parking along the streets and avenues in Fargo, pay attention. The winter storm’s piles of snow have been moved around by plows and dump trucks, and this week, as part of rigorous winter restrictions, tow trucks have been called in to remove vehicles parked overnight on streets and avenues.

At least 10 automobiles had been removed from downtown avenues to the impound yard as of 2:30 on Monday, according to the police.

That costs those who violate it. The release cost is an additional $25 on top of the $125 minimum towing price. Depending on the size of the car being towed or whether additional equipment was required to tow the vehicle, additional fees may also apply.

Ben Dow, director of city public works, claims that city personnel and contractors hired by the city have a lot of work to accomplish and that obstructions caused by vehicles are a major hassle.