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Police officers in West Fargo receive assistance from the SWAT Team as they carry out “high-risk” search warrants



Fargo, North Dakota – To carry out a “high-risk” search warrant, officers from the West Fargo Police Department, with the aid of the Red River Valley SWAT Team, carried out the operation on Thursday morning at 8:30.

The occurrence took place in the 200 block of 9:00 Avenue West.

In the beginning, two adults were detained, but no arrests were made.

A spokesperson for the police department says the SWAT Team used a “Flash Sound Diversionary Device (FSDD) to create a loud bang and flash of light to distract potential suspects to allow officers to safely breach the door.”

Regarding the purpose of the procedure, there is no precise information that is being offered.

It is simply stated that the search warrant is connected to “an ongoing investigation” in the description of it.

The only information that was provided was that.