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Paw Art Exhibition to help four organizations



Bismarck, North Dakota – A group of young artists from Bismarck schools can assist you if you’re looking for a fresh portrait of your pet.

This year’s Paw Art fundraiser is being held by the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation.

To get your pet’s photo painted by a K–12 student in the district, it costs $20 plus the photo.

Funds are raised for the Central Dakota Humane Society, the BPS Foundation, the Fine Arts Department of the Bismarck Public Schools, and the Bismarck Art and Galleries Association.

“So the thing we love about this is so many of our students that participate maybe don’t see themselves as an artist, but when they get to walk into Bismarck Arts and Gallery Association and see their art hung in a gallery. It gives them a sense of pride,” said Stacey Lang, the development director for the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation.

On Tuesday, March 26 at Bismarck Arts and Gallery Association, the images will be on display at the Paw Art Showcase. On April 11, National Pet Day, the Paw Art Parade movie will be available online.

Donations and pictures must be sent by February 16th. The Bismarck Schools website, KT Animal Supply, and BAGA all provide paw art entry forms.