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North Dakota

Parents of a BSC graduate fly 5,000 kilometers to attend his graduation



Bismarck, North Dakota – Parents frequently attend their children’s graduations. Rarely do parents go 5,000 kilometers to see their children graduate.

There were the usual sights and sounds at the BSC graduation ceremony.

”The most important investment and resource that we are given is time,” said former Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford, who was the keynote speaker at the 2023 ceremony.

Known to many, but not to Jaromir Kraus’s family, who came from the Czech Republic to see his graduation.

”It’s a fantastic feeling, we’re very proud of him,” said Jaromir’s mother, Elena Krausova.

In 2004, Jaromir relocated from Pardubice to Alaska, where he worked as a truck driver for 15 years. But he took the chance to go to school when he was given the promotion to refinery operator.

”It taught me a lot of things very closely related to the job, so it makes me a better operator,” said Jaromir.

The icing on the cake is having his parents present to celebrate him.

”We live so far apart so every moment is precious together,” said Jaromir.

They’re making every second count on this special day because of this.

In the future, according to Jaromir, he intends to benefit from BSC’s 2+2 program to earn his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.