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North Dakota

Parents are accused of neglecting their child after the boy skips 70% of school



Wahpeton, North Dakota – After authorities and the school district claim a youngster has missed too many school days, two people are prosecuted in Richland County court.

There is one count of child neglect-parental care against each of John Dance Adams and Monti Jo Adams. The inquiry takes place in Wahpeton, North Dakota, between August 24 and December 14, according to court filings. Both of them are accused of failing to give the child the appropriate parental care for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The boy has missed over fifty-eight days of school, according to court filings, and the school system claims that they have tried every last tactic to encourage the child to go to school.

The district states that the student will probably need to repeat his current grade due to the absences. The youngster informed investigators that he plays Xbox, sleeps, and takes care of his parents during the day, according to court filings.