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Opening of a stabilization center in Williston



Williston, North Dakota – Williston last had a crisis stabilization center in 2022, which was detrimental to anyone with mental health problems. Recently, a facility with a new provider in the area opened in downtown Williston.

The Northwest Human Service Center and Centre collaborated to provide a ten-bed stabilization unit inside the Metro Building. These areas are reserved for those with problems related to substance addiction or behavioral health.

“We are working very hard to make it a very calm and peaceful environment. A place where people can come and have a structured day with programming, a hot meal, and a safe place,” said Cynthia Long, program director with Centre.

In July 2022, a previous provider left the city. Through an RFP, Center was selected to pick on where it left off a year later.

According to Charlotte Ferrell, regional director of the Northwest Human Service Center, individuals were transferred to centers located in either Dickinson or Minot during the interval.

“I think having the service here is good in many ways. They are allowed to stay in the local region,” said Ferrell.

The city of Williston provided the ambulances that took these people to and from the facilities.

The return of local service excites Mayor Howard Klug.

“They have everything in place now that people who need help so desperately, there will be a place right here in the city of Williston,” said Klug.

Additionally, the hospital offers a drop-in clinic where anyone experiencing a mental health crisis can get a risk assessment without a referral.

According to Ferrell, the 10 beds at the facility are two more than they had before, and that number is adequate for the requirements of the area right now.

The Center runs several facilities in Mandan and eastern North Dakota.