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Odney Inc., headquartered in Bismarck, acquires KK Bold advertising



Bismarck, North Dakota – Odney Inc. made the announcement that it has acquired an advertising competitor known as KK Bold.

It was on Wednesday when Odney welcomed members of the KK Bold team into their headquarters in Bismarck for the first time. It was a technique to familiarize the new employees with the organization as well as provide information that was pertinent to the position they will be filling. Odney stated that the goal of the purchase is to increase the amount of talent available to the organization as well as to increase the number of teams available.

“The benefit to us is we have got a lot of new talent, new energy, and new ideas coming into our building to better serve our clients. It also allows us to expand into areas of the market that we haven’t been involved with as much. It’s a win-win for our clients and our staff,” said Don Larson, president of Odney Inc.

Following the acquisition of KK Bold, according to Odney, the company will now have personnel located in seven different states.