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Numerous people show up for the FM Out of the Darkness Community Walk



Fargo, North Dakota – The Out of the Darkness Community Walk on Sunday at Scheels Arena brought in $125,165.99. 1,289 people came together to offer messages of hope and recognize the impact that mental illness and suicide have on our lives and the lives of the people we care about.

The 136 teams wore colorful beads that, among other things, represented the loss of a parent, sibling, spouse, or child. All contributions raised go toward supporting loss survivors, preventive education, advocacy, and research in the field of mental health.

This year’s FM Out of the Darkness Walk included a “Wall of Remembrance” honoring family members who had died by suicide. Participants in the walk were encouraged to bring a memento or a letter to hang on the wall.

Dial 988 or send the word TALK to the number 741-741 if you or someone you know is in trouble.